Children Investment

Why investment ?

Well, I simply think that calling this section Pricing would make it sound a bit too much ‘everyday’ it is an investment, its an investment in your home, your family and history – but don’t let the word Investment put you off!

Babies / Children / Family photoshoot – £150

What to expect…………………………

  • A great experience
  • It will take place somewhere special to you.
  • It will be fun.
  • We will laugh.
  • Your children will laugh.
  • If its wet that is no problem, puddle jumping is insane fun!
  • Your children will be encouraged to be silly and pull faces.
  • Any adults involved will be encouraged to do the same but they won’t have to – don’t worry I don’t really want to photograph the silly faces.
  • Any adults involved are encouraged not to drink Blackcurrent juice before a shoot – they look silly with Purple smiles.
  • Includes a set of fully resized and optimised images for social media and email.
  • Also includes 2 x unframed prints upto 10 inches, from your selection of images and 20% off all products at list price for the first 30 days following the gallery going live.

Following your photo-shoot experience images will be loaded into a gallery on my website that can be password protected so you can share with your family and friends your online gallery also has a full to bursting list of beautiful products for your home available for purchase from the comfort of your own home.

A photo-shoot would normally last around 2 hours however I will not be watching the clock, I try and make it as relaxed as possible, I tend to only book one shoot in on a day, this means that there will be no time pressures.

Newborns – as a parent of a new baby it is very fresh in my mind how unpredictable some babies can be, this is always in my mind and I am totally flexible and work around babies routine. As I am also a full time professional photographer I am able to work with you on any day around maternity / paternity leave.



Payment for the session is required at the time of booking.