Wedding FAQ’s

Are there any limitations to where you would travel for a wedding?

Not at all, I will happy discuss wedding photography anywhere in the UK and worldwide, some countries will require work visas though.

Are you a professional photographer?

Yes, I am a full time professional photographer, this is my job.

Do you do ‘group shots’?

Yes, I almost insist on a some formal family groups, they certainly don’t have to be stuffy though, groups are compiled before the wedding and you choose who is in, all completed with the very minimum of fuss so you can get back to your guests.

Are you insured?

Yes, I am insured to work as a contractor at your venues with Public Liability Insurance as well as Professional Indemnity Insurance, some venues would like copies of these for their records and I am happy to supply this.

Do you have a risk assessment?

Yes, this is based around the working practice of me as the photographer, a wedding is a fast paced event and common sense should be applied at all times.

Is your equipment PAT tested?

Well, yes it is however nothing will be plugged into the mains at your wedding venue so there is no need for certification to be shown.

Why do I have to sign a contract?

I prefer to call them agreements – they are in place for me to agree with you the service I will provide and the payment you have made for that service, you will receive a copy for your records signed by me.

Do you require a meal at our wedding?

Depends really, at a full day event I will need to have a hot meal, if food is available at the venue, for example a bar meal than I am more than happy with that and obviously I buy it, some venues only cater for the wedding party on a wedding day though, should this be the case I would prefer not to go off site so if a suppliers meal could be booked then that would be great. If this is the case food for myself would need to be served around the same time as the top table (not last in the room) so that I can be ready for the end of the meal to photograph speeches.

Is a wedding album included?

While some collections do come with an album included, they can be added to any collection however all collections come with a set of ‘print ready’ files of your wedding to download. Downloading is a very efficient way of delivering your images, just as a ‘disc’ once was, more and more devices don’t have the ability to read a disc and I have found USB ‘dongles’ to be an unreliable method of delivery.
I would be delighted to discuss the production of a wedding album for you, I use an amazing Italian album maker called Graphistudio and tend to look at albums with you once we have seen your wedding photographs.

Are we able to change the collection?
Yes, as mentioned above my base collections are perfect but you can add whatever you wish either before the wedding, during (such as extra hours if available) or after the wedding. My service is totally bespoke to your needs.

Can we see some full wedding galleries?
Yes of course, you can see as many as you want, just let me know and I will let you in!

Is it possible to have a ‘Pre-Wedding’ shoot?
While a pre wedding shoot isn’t ‘included’ there are a couple of options we can look at, please get in touch and we can discuss – they are a lot of fun and we can really personalise to you.

My florist, cake maker and make-up artist want photographs from my wedding, is this OK?

Yes that should be fine, I do ask that they make a charity donation and have a Just Giving page for this purpose, please do send them my way and I will discuss usage with them.

What happens if…….

Don’t worry, should anything happen to me I have a very extensive network of photographers, we will all go to the ends of the Earth to help each other and more to the point, YOU, should something happen.